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189/100 Gifs of Yixing. No don’t do that, pls. 

little prince 

kai, the fan and the bracelet

28/100 of the perfection that is kim kibum ♥

I love you. Always have. Always will.: TABIISPRECIOUS'S 7TH GIVEAWAY! →




Hi beautiful people! Welcome to my 7th giveaway~~ There will be one winner and it will be pick randomly :) The items include:

  • A monster T.O.P sweatshirt (size M)
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Key changing in front of the camera, meanwhile Jinki...

7 years. Seven years, and he’s finally gotten what he’s deserved all along. Congratulations, Kim Joonmyun, our leader, Joonma. You deserve it, so much. Thank you for always working hard for your fans, we’ll always love you, and please, keep smiling and take care of Exo for us. 


Kai played a prank on his members and texted them, “I lost my phone. Can you try calling it?”

All eleven other members called him.

Kai: “I need smarter friends.”

- cr: lulu-shipper (via xoxocomeback)

A fan asked Luhan what he normally wears to sleep - all pajamas, topless, naked, or it changes. Luhan burst out laughing then stuttered, “top half…topless…top naked”.

cr: 白白的光没有谱

 Who is the most secretive member? 

#not sure if serious

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